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Scopophilia - What's in a name?

I first came aware of the term scopophilia in my first year as an undergraduate studying the history of modern art and design. It came up during a segment on Freud we were deconstructing the concept of the gaze. Largely scopophilia is understood to be directly related to the sexualisation and thus the pleasure that can be derived from objects. It can also be closely associated with voyeurism.  For me I took it back took the meaning back to the direct translation from the Greek - The love of looking; even more specifically: The strange love of looking. This definition instantly struck a chord. Ever since I was a small girl that had to consider the prospect of a career. I considered photography, astronomy, horticulture and even gemology. In the end I settled on art. I have a persistent and consistent love of beautiful things, which I have strove to surround myself with.  Now I understand that my life has become a quest in the understanding and almost science of beauty. How be

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